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Homesteading Resources

Here are some of the homesteading resources we use and love. We may receive compensation if you purchase using these links. We will continue to add to this list as we find more exciting products and services we want to share!

$20 off your first order

There is nothing like a really GOOD cup of coffee. Camano Island Coffee Roasters is a small, local coffee roaster in (surprise!) Camano Island, WA. 

They have the most amazing coffee!  You can get $20 off your first subscription shipment when you use our link.

Buy 3 Perfect products, save 25%

Perfect Supplements uses only all natural, whole food ingredients in their supplements, all organic or wild harvested and it is 3rd party tested for purity.

Their collagen is from 100% grass fed beef and certified to be free of glyphosate residue.  They make all test results for heavy metals and certifications available on their website.  I appreciate their transparency!

Azure has more healthy food varieties than any grocer in the nation. Bulk grains, flours and legumes, oils and sweeteners, spices, organic produce, grass-fed dairy and meats, and nationally branded packaged foods, refrigerated and frozen.

Plan To Eat

Free 30-day trial

Plan to eat helps busy households get healthy dinners on the table.  I love that I can organize my recipes, add them to my meal planning calendar, and then PTE makes my grocery list for me!  It was a game changer for my meal planning strategy.

Simple Meal Planning - Plan to Eat

You Need a Budget (or YNAB) is a proactive and flexible budgeting system that lets you spend based on your priorities and change your budget when your priorities change.  They offer a 34-day free trial.  New budgeters save an average of $600 in their first month.  I saved closer to $800.


This app helps me make sure we have enough money for what is important to us like animal feed, fencing, seeds, and all the things to keep a homestead running and knowing when we should wait until next month so we don’t go into debt.

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